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Forest 03:07
I’m falling apart, pieces after pieces. Heavy rain and scorching winds. Verticality has been undermined. A red bark that peels into wide strips. At this time, I strip myself of everything can hold my hands. I strip myself of everything can hold my feet. If ice can calm a burning heart, there are no appropriate words to say goodbye. Here I am, facing a fork in the road. No shortcut to overcome a life of misery. Modern life threw me into confusion land. Slipping under wolves fangs. Trees patterns on concrete walls. Forest skyline on a label. Fir scented candle. I used to think I lived into the wild. I used to think I loved being into the wild. My daily life is wildlife. I’m extinguished and the sun has drowned.
Prairie 03:01
Out in the wild, so perfect is this mud stained sky. Out in the wild, so perfect is this mud stained sun. Under leaden skies. The strain of constantly searching for a beauty in silver clouds. “Hold the string, you’re launching.” Loaded down by words, by thoughts. Shouts and whispers to wind up the springs. My body is crawling against stones. The same rocks I used to feed myself. I swallow gravels. I could even eat my eyes. Gallows of love for greener grassland. Shouts and whispers to wind up the springs. I could even eat my eyes. Forget their color, they have burnt into silence. They witnessed so many searches for greater purposes. Something to die for. The beast currently residing under my skin deserves a rest.
Taïga 03:50
From leading down stairs as adventure trails to appealing paths that I seldom chose. Sticking needles in paws, I wish I was an old black bear. But you’re the tiger over me. Time is something so far away when it’s so hard to breathe. I can tolerate the coldest winters as the driest climate. Transparency : the best adaptation for survival in those harsh days. Landscape is where sky meets earth. And as the sun is so low in the horizon. Life is blackened. I feel alone. I am alone. Please, let me sleep.
Tundra 03:39
I’m so tired of blinking. I feel sick of hearing my thoughts. A desert-like self-expression. The spiral of sunless days. The experience of silence. A spotless mind as vital as breathing. Wars, desolation, weariness… A millstone for unique distraction. A poignant scene of defeat. I look the ice, I see my brain. I’m matching loneliness to be at peace with time. I wish I hadn’t known this past. It burnt me and pelted my heart. Sunshine is the expanse of a former life. I would have been sharper than the Fredvang and Skottinden. To be the king of my kingdom. Or I may very well be an animal. Taking the tundra as my winter home. I would have thought nothing can break the ice. But the more northerly I walk, the thinner the shell is.
Arctic 04:16
I will never see the largest tree in the world. I’ve processed an inverted migration. I’m welcoming myself in a vacuum. No mechanic system to fake the needs. My limbic system will judge me. I would have torn up the sky and tired out the daybreak. Blizzard is roaring the loudest. Walking beside fissure, I’m splitting my chest. Nothingness. Joy has been quarantined. Memories are rolling over and collapsing. And I’m leaving gravity. Void is so pristine. No past to paste. No turn to adorn. I was not who I am. One more extinction in Holocene. Boreal found me.


"BOREAL" EP 5 tunes of intense and passionate punk hardcore.
Recorded, mixed & master by Olivier t'Servrancx /// Electrik Box Studio
Cover artwork by Tommy Knuts & Aurélie Rault.
Music & Lyrics by FAKE OFF /// 2016

Backpack Records (de)
BG Records (fr)
Dingleberry Records (de)
Dirty Slap Records (fr)
Don't Trust The Hype Recordz (fr)
Emergence Records (fr)
I For Us Records (be)
Inhumano Discos (ch)
Koepfen Records (de)
KROD Records (fr)
Lonely Voyage Records (uk)
Mustard Mustache Records (de)


released October 27, 2016

Music & Lyrics by FAKE OFF /// 2016


all rights reserved



FAKE OFF Lille, France

We would play an intense, passionate and sincere punk hardcore. Cause our lifes are nothing less than truly passionate by music. Maybe we just play a kind of contemporary hardcore. Maybe not. We don't care. We live it..

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